Backpacking Planning for a 5 day Tripkeep readingfeatured products

Anytime you go backpacking, packing properly is extremely important. However, the longer you plan to be away from civilization, the more important it becomes. On a one day trip, forgetting an item or two is often not a big deal-unless it’s something like a sleeping bag on a cold night or a tarp or tent on a rainy one. Usually, you can improvise or go without whatever it was that you forgot, and the only result will be some temporary discomfort until you get back to civilization the next day. However, on a five day trip, forgetting something important can cause you to have to abort your trip, or worse. Running out of food or discovering that you didn’t pack the right type of clothing can be devastating when you are two days away from any supplies. So, how do pack properly for a long trip? In order to make […]

All you need to know about choosing a backpacking stovekeep readingfeatured products

In some parts of the US, it’s possible to go backpacking without ever using a backpacking stove. As long as you have a steel pot that you don’t mind getting blackened on the bottom, it’s easy to cook over coals or an open fire. However, sitting in the glow of a campfire at the end of the day during a backpacking trip is becoming an increasingly uncommon experience. Due to the danger of forest fires, many national parks and wilderness areas prohibit fires altogether. Without a campfire, a stove becomes a necessity. Fortunately, there are many different types of backpacking stoves available today. Unfortunately, the sheer variety of stoves available can be confusing and make it difficult to select the appropriate model for your needs. This article will help cut through the confusion by describing the different models available and the pros and cons of each. When choosing a backpacking […]

What are the best hiking boots for you?keep readingfeatured products

Other than your dog, if you have one, your hiking boots are your best friend on the trail. Comfortable yet supportive, a good pair of hiking boots can help you make it to camp with a minimum of discomfort. However, if your boots are poorly made or poorly fitting, they can become your worst enemy. On the trail, wearing the wrong shoes can cause blisters, bruises, lost toenails, or even pinched nerves. Choosing the right hiking boot is important-but how do you know what to look for? Boots are investment, so to make the best use of your money, you need to consider how they will be used and then look at the different types of hiking shoes available today. Once you know what kind of shoes you want, you’ll need to shop carefully for a pair that fits your feet. There are several different types of hiking boots on […]